Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek
last weekend i took a trip to joanns and bought among other things, a bunch of Denyse Schmidt's new line, Sugar Creek. unfortunately, no one has the burgundy prints in yet. there was only one and i did not buy it because i didn't like it at all. i got half-yards of most prints but i bought 2 yards of my favorite on the far left. i also found more of the yellow texture and i purchased all that was left on the bolt. honestly i wouldn't have thought that this would be one of my favorite prints, but i've used it in so many projects already. it seems to go with everything.

there's quite a controversy brewing on the quality of the fabric. it does feel significantly different from her last line, picnic and fairgrounds. it feels rougher to the touch. however, i never really liked the base cloth of p/f, because it felt oddly stretchy to me and in many cases it was printed off-grain. though i haven't used it yet, Sugar Creek at least feels more stable, and the roughness to me is not a deal-breaker. YMMV. i also got it for $5.60/yd with coupons, so the price to roughness ratio seemed extremely reasonable to me. i'd likely feel differently if i were paying full price. for those who might be wondering about the price increase, the regular price was still listed at $9.99.

i am waiting and hoping for the red prints to come in because i'd really like to make a quilt for my mother with this line. the burgundy is paramount however. i don't think she'd like it without the reds.

i also bought 10yds of interfacing so hopefully i will stop running out every 5 seconds. why does interfacing come in narrower widths? why can't it come in 44 or even 56 inches like normal fabric?


  1. I went this weekend as well, and only found a couple of prints that I liked. I really love the green floral print (second to the left). It didn't really feel rough to me, and somehow I missed hearing about the drama. I agree with you on the feel of the first line. It was a little slippery.

  2. Hahahaha!  I just ordered 8 yards of various weighted interface for the same reason too.  I want to say the heavyweight was pretty wide...
    I only wish I could chime in on the JOanns fabric...nearest Joanns is so damn far away!

  3. i feel the same way about interfacing.  i have asked myself the same question before.  i missed the drama about the sugar creek line.  i haven't been to my joanns yet to pick some up.   



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