Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Scrapbuster Swap Quilt

I'm not so good at keeping secrets.

I finally finished my scrapbuster swap quilt and I wanted to enter the Gen X Quilters Summer Fair and there's only one day left.

I mailed the final package to my brother and sister-in-law today. Babyspawn should be arriving in just a few more weeks. I included a few things that will still be a surprise but I was just too happy with this quilt to keep it to myself.
Scrapbuster Swap Quilt
Finishing this up reminded me of how much I love string quilts. Do you have that one block that you keep going back to--the one you never get tired of? I think for me, it's the string block. i just love the scrappiness and the diagonal lines. finishing this quilt made me want to make another bigger version for myself. i just love the neutral border.
Scrapbuster Swap Quilt
About a third of the blocks on the top and all of the blocks on the back came from the group participants. It's amazing to me that this quilt has already traveled through so many hands and will be welcomed very soon by my new niece or nephew. i really hated piecing my own mod mosaic blocks but i love it on the backing so much that i wouldn't rule out making more in the future.
Scrapbuster Swap Quilt
I stuck to very simple crosshatch quilting, 4" apart. I also adore solid bindings. The bright red makes me happy.

Scrapbuster Swap String Quilt
~45" square
made from scraps (mine and the group's)
border is kona medium grey
backing is kona coal
binding is kona red
quilted with connecting threads essential in silver (and red for the binding)
warm and natural cotton batting
straight grain one step binding from the modern quilt workshop
Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

I'd post a recipe but i'll cheat instead and link to this perfect summer fare. so delicious.


  1. This is a happy quilt!  The front and the back are equally as interesting.  I'm going to try string blocks soon and this has really inspired me.  Love it! 

  2. Chilloften-shop8/02/2011 09:30:00 PM

    It's gorgeous. The back of it too!

  3. This quilt makes me smile. Love it! I have never done a string quilt like that but perhaps I need to attempt one soon. I also love the red binding =)

  4. I just love it! The gray was a perfect border choice, and I love the red binding, too. You've already proven yourself to be a great auntie!

  5. Wow, I love it! I also have a huge soft spot for string quilts, but I've never actually made one yet. It's on the top of my "to make for me" list that is always getting pushed down because of work projects. Do you use paper piecing for your string blocks, or do you just start sewing strips together?

  6. That is a great quilt! perfect for a baby. The mosaic strip in the back is absolutely awesome!

  7. This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. I've never quilted, but it is projects like yours that make me want to really learn. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Annemarie @ Gen X Quilters8/09/2011 07:11:00 AM

    Great quilt!!  Who doesn't love string blocks?  They always look fabulous.  Thanks so much for sharing with us at Summer Fair and sorry I'm so late stopping by!  AnneMarie



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