Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucky Day

Wild Olive Prize
I've been very fortunate of late. Wild Olive had a giveaway on her blog and I won the mystery prize. i love surprises and i love her style, so I was thrilled to receive this cute cupcake towel from her, plus a ton of embroidery supplies! being new to embroidery myself, i don't have many tools, so all of these things will really come in handy. Thanks so much to Mollie!
Grellow Pillow
In today's Adventures in Scrapbusting, we have this pillow. I recently got Modern Log Cabin Quilting from the library. browsing through it really made me want to revisit the log cabin and i've been trying to do more small projects that use scraps from the leftover bins. I pulled out some yellow, gray, black, and white scraps and did a square-in-square formation using color.

when i do my scrapbusting exercises i've found it's a lot easier to start with a limited color scheme, probably because i sorted my bins by color. it's exhausting to think about going through all of them to do something value oriented or rainbow-y, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of small projects with 2-3 colors. actually this is a good thing because i have so many color groupings i've been wanting to use for fun but probably don't need to make an entire quilt, like orange/aqua/royal blue or green and purple.

The pillow form is 16" square. The backing is kona buttercup with a zipped closure. the quilting is simple crosshatching. i used white linen instead of cotton and i love how textured it is. i was going to keep this one in case i ever needed a gift but i fell in love with it and now it's on my couch.
Helpful kitty
Wyatt loves the camera. he will literally follow me around wherever i go and insert himself in the frame. half of the baby pant pictures from yesterday have a kitty tail in the corner.


  1. Wyatt's just going with the yellow-gray scheme is all! 

    Forgot to comment yesterday--LOVE all the baby pants!  Lucky little babyspawn!

  2. How cool! You're lucky to win such a great prize with useful tools. I love the new pillow, and hello, Wyatt! Yes, my kitties are the same way about the camera.

  3. Lovely prize, but the pillow is just amazing! I love the colors so much!

  4. Nice prize! there are so many cute embroidery patterns out there now...they've been really catching my eye lately. Especially the ones at Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. 
    LOVE your yellow, gray and black pillow!

  5. cute pillow!  awesome swag and super cute kitty.



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