Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Great Sampler Project

whenever i've needed a break, i've been making a few different blocks to figure out what I want to do for the 3x6 bee. i've decided i want my bed quilt to be gigantic with no sashing, which means 56 blocks. so there's plenty of room for experimentation.
Sampler quilt
I started with a very simple block: the log cabin cross. i stared at a bunch of photos on flickr and then ultimately still put it together incorrectly. i've decided to embrace the swirly center. i used a bunch of scraps and some kona bone. because my colors are so specific i couldn't really use scraps for long and i've already cut into some of my new fabric purchases. a simple beginning was probably a good way to go, but i wanted to step up to something more challenging.
Summer Sampler Series
i admit that up until this point i've been scared to try paper piecing. i've only done very simple string blocks and so many of the paper pieced blocks i've seen are terrifyingly complicated. so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that it's really not that hard, and it's pretty fun. i made the Rocky Road to Kansas block from the Summer Sampler Series.

i really liked this block but paper piecing does have its drawbacks: 1) it's very time-consuming and 2) it wastes a lot of fabric. i'm not sure that i'd have the patience to do an entire quilt of paper pieced blocks but just a few here and there aren't so bad. now i can finally work up the courage to try this flying geese block i've been dying to make for practically forever now.

i love the alexander henry heath i used for the outside, and i wish i had bought more. i used a shot cotton for the blue center for the first time and it feels more like a shirting fabric than a quilting fabric to me--very thin and floppy. i'm kind of regretting that i now have a decently sized shot cotton stash. the subtle color tones are really pretty though.


  1. I really like both. I especially love the Heath for the background of your Rocky Road to Kansas block. I'm wondering if you'll like the Shot Cotton better once it's quilted. I have a few pieces in my stash, and I know what you mean. It has a completely different feel to it.

  2. i did that flying geese block. it was really fun! your blocks are great!

  3. hi just found your site so happy love it snaps my brain wakes me up too start the crochet the sews the blocks , haveing the book chick&simple sewing , liked color and one of you reminds me of this senior ole days but hey your colors wow, making my daughters two. thanx sooo much renee by



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