Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Thank you for the well-wishes. I feel much better today.

I've been wanting to make a bag to hold my embroidery supplies because they keep exploding all over the dining room table. I bought this zipper pouch pattern because it's very thorough and i like all of the little details and variations.
Hoop Bag
My scrap bins have also reached the point of overflow. I needed to do something to keep them at bay. I want to make an aqua/pink/red quilt, but i doubt i'll have time to do it soon. Plus, no one i know besides me would really want a quilt in that color combo.
Hoop Bag
so i put all of these needs and wants together and came up with this bag. i made wonky quarter log cabins to form a bento box. i enlarged the pattern to make the bag 10x12 so it would fit all of my embroidery supplies. i skipped the interlining and used a lightweight interfacing because i don't have the appropriate supplies on hand. as a result my bag is a little floppy but it's not tragic.
Hoop bag
i used my sherbet pips scarves fabric for the lining. i totally meant to add some interior pockets but i completely forgot. i'm really happy with the pouch and i'll be making more in the near future. it was fun to revisit some of those favorite tiny scraps of fabric that i've had almost since the beginning. it was even more fun to get them out of the scrap bin. i'll have to keep coming up with more little patchwork projects to keep the scraps contained.


  1. You have become quite the quilter.  You make me want to quilt, but I am so afraid I will not have the follow through :)

    I am glad you are feeling better.

  2. Your new pouch is really cute. I had never seen that pattern before. It looks like a great choice!

  3. I like that color combo! Feel free to make me a quilt anytime!!

  4. Oh good! I'm glad you are feeling better!
    I like your little pouch, and I like the colors too.

  5. excellent pouch!  it is perfect.  i better buy that pattern!



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