Friday, July 22, 2011


Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes! I can see that I can't be coy with you. Special shout-out to Jacey for sending me this wonderful pattern. i've really been wanting more drapey cardigans and this will give me an excuse (oh noes!) to shop for more yarn. My day yesterday was a thoroughly enjoyable day, except for the part where i played ultimate frisbee in 98 degree temps. that was not so fun. probably the best part (why don't i have a video camera?) was when wyatt, who loves tunnels, attempted to crawl into the box in which this came. it was a very long, narrow box. he went in about halfway, realized his mistake and scooted out backwards faster than i'd ever seen him move. it was the bestest thing ever.
July Wonky Bee blocks
I'm forever behind on catching up on projects. last weekend i did make my wonky bee blocks. thanks to bottled rainbows, i'm somewhat familiar with applique now. i did use the heat n bond that cmnthrds sent for the trunk but the prospect of ironing all those scraps and then cutting out the leaves didn't excite me, so i cut them freehand and then glued them on with a glue stick. i hope that's ok. for the pink tree, i drew a vaguely tree-like shape with my hera marker and then cut the scraps to fit. i used satin stitch for the first time and i really love it. i like it even more than the blanket stitch.
July Wonky Bee blocks
the blue tree was my first attempt and i used good ol' blanket stitch on this one. i wanted my trees to be a little different from one another. i love this idea for a quilt and i might have to steal it someday.
Bottled Rainbows teal
some of the leftover blue scraps came in handy for my teal bottled rainbows block. cmnthrds sent so many scraps, and i'm sending most of them back, but i did keep a few to help me round out this block. only 7 more to go.


  1. happy birthday to you!  i hope it was a great day!  i started my tree blocks today too!  got my trunks cut out and i think i am with you on cutting the leaves free hand.  it seems more liberating.  i cut my tree trunks free hand and i really liked seeing it come to life.  i really love that cardigan pattern.  i honestly really do wish i knew how to crochet and knit.  i think i would really enjoy it.

  2. happy birthday! Hope you've recovered from the 98-degree Ultimate, that sounds deadly.

  3. No problem on the pattern! I love the design. I hope you had a great birthday weekend! Your tress and newest Bottled Rainbows block are lovely. I really enjoyed making the tree blocks.



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