Monday, July 11, 2011

some yarny goodness

more vacation crafts: i bought some boye rosewood circs on clearance at joanns to use while i was away from my old reliable interchangeables. they were actually pretty nice needles with flexible cables. one of the cords popped out as i was working but i was able to shove it back in. i also bought some Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton, which might be my new favorite cotton yarn. it's soft and easy to work with and it washes up pretty well. we don't have hobby lobby here, but i'm sure i could ask my mom to ship me some if i have a need. it's really nice for baby things.
Baby sophisticate
I made the Baby Sophisticate jacket in the larger size. i can't really be sure, but it does look a little small to me. i'm hoping that Babyspawn can wear it during the winter. the pattern was really fast and fun to knit. i wish i had an adult version.
Raitaritarin Raita-asu/ Striped Outfit for a Stripeknight
i also made the Raitaritarin Raita-asu/ Striped Outfit for a Stripeknight (rav). it's definitely larger than the baby sophisticate sweater. i added some embroidery from the doodle stitching book, but it didn't turn out as nicely as i'd hoped. i think i shortened the sleeves a bit as well, because i didn't want them to be too long.
hat from petite purls
with the leftovers, i made another basic winter hat in the Baby size.
Berroco Vintage
today's stash pic is 2 skeins of berroco vintage i got on sale from Stringtown. naturally it'll be for another baby sweater. i was thinking about a hoodie but i haven't decided for certain yet.


  1. Cute pair of sweaters!  I like them both...except the squirrel on the yellow sweater.  But that has nothing to do with your embroidery skills!  LOL!

  2. These knitted baby items are adorable, and I am sure baby will love the 100% cotton feel.  



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