Thursday, July 07, 2011

I've taken up embroidery

because i need a new craft like i need another hole in my head.
while i was on vacation, i hadn't taken anything with me to work on. i was flying and didn't want to check any bags, and i was worried about my crafts getting confiscated. instead, i planned to wait until i got to where i was going and then pick up something to do. doing nothing is not a valid alternative. i start to go stir-crazy if i don't have something to do with my hands.

my stepmother has quite a collection of crafting books. i was browsing through her stash when i found the Doodle Stitching book. there were a lot of really cute designs and i wanted to try something new. i went to joann's and picked up a 6" hoop, some needles, various colors of DMC floss, and a package of burp cloths to work on.
Burp Cloths
these were my first attempts. i used pencil to copy the patterns basically freehand. the burp cloths are a double layer, so i can't see through the fabric and i had no transfer tools. i've used backstitch and running stitch before, but my french knots and satin stitch definitely need work. it was pretty fun, so when i got back home, i bought some more floss and searched for cute patterns on the web.
i did this one last night. the pattern is from wild olive. this time around, i used tracing paper that i have for sewing but i couldn't see the lines very well, so i ended up drawing over them with a disappearing ink marker. i haven't washed it yet, so the lines are still visible. i love how adorable this pattern is. i might use another cupcake for the last burp cloth.

i don't know that i'll embroider a lot, but it's a nice change of pace for when i'm tired of everything else.
Vacation stashing
today's stash picture is the purples. i did not have much purple in my stash, but now i do. the two on the left are feedsack reproduction prints that i got at Dollar Saver. the ombre in the middle goes from purple to red to yellow. i thought it might make an interesting quilt back. i picked up some sugar pop, central park, and amy butler love as well. some of this might end up as a bag pretty soon.


  1. I was big into embroidery when I was Chunky's age.  I was OK at it.  What I sucked at (and still suck at) is the BACK of the embroidery.  I guess it's supposed to be as pretty as the front?  Never happened for me! 
    I like that purple swirl on the left!  But I've got the opposite problem--too much purple in my stash! 

  2. That's lovely! It makes handmade items even more special. I still have two pillows I made, one with a girl, and one with a boy on them with the names of my kids, and their birth date.

  3. Your embroidery looks great! The cupcake is super cute. I love that ombre fabric. It's gorgeous.

  4. The Doodle Stitching book was my gateway to embroidery as well. Now I'm working on a crewel alphabet sampler from the Posy Gets Cozy blog.

  5. I used to embroidery a lot as a young person.  You've inspired me to try it again too.  Nice job!



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