Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's as Ann as the nose on Plain's face

Arrested Development is my favorite tv show of all time. I have all 3 seasons on DVD and we watch it constantly. We fall asleep to this show most of the time. All future pets will be named after AD characters. I've been inspired lately by the word samplers that Chawne has been doing. I decided to work up some embroidery with my favorite quotes.
Arrested Development Pillow
I might have to do a sequel because there are so many quotes that i couldn't fit on there. The chicken motif is from Doodle Stitching and the rest are my own. I just typed up a bunch of text in Photoshop (should've used Illustrator, but oh well) and went to town.
Couch pillow back
Since this pillow was designed to go on our couch, i thought it'd be funny to use couch fabric for the backing. The pillow coordinates with a quilt that does not yet exist. I've asked for improv blocks for my month in the wonky bee in these colors, so i threw together some patchwork with the leftover scraps from the fabric i sent out.

i'm generally unsure of what to do with the embroidery once i finish it, but i think the pillow application is perfect. now it just needs a twin.

oh and guess who got a new camera? yay!


  1. I freaking love the new pillow. I actually already emailed the flickr shot to my boyfriend. I knew he would appreciate it as much as I do. His reply was, "you crafters are a unique breed." Yes, yes we are. :)
    And yay for a new camera!

  2. i love the pillow.  at first i didn't get it because i don't watch arrested development.  i think i need to try it out.  everyone i know that watches it has loved it.  i love it though, your stitching is perfect.

  3. this is far and away the greatest pillow i have ever seen in my life!

  4. This is so freaking awesome (huge AD fan too). The photos from the new camera look great!

  5. You didn't want to put "Daddy Horny, Michael." on there?  Hee hee!
    Love the pillow!  Looks like something that would make the CRAFT blog!
    Love that show.  I own season 1 but really need to plant the seed for hub to buy me the other two seasons for xmas/birthday/mothersday!

  6. I love this so much, but if it were on my couch I'd probably have to flip it over so I wouldn't giggle each time I saw it. It's the same reason I can't buy myself a "Steve Holt!" coffee mug.

  7. I love it!  We quote this show all the time!  "There's always money in the banana stand!"  "No touching!"  "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog"  etc., etc., etc.

  8. I absolutely love this! If you ever decide to make on to sell, consider me first on the list!

  9. these are seriously the coolest.



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