Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I signed up for the 3rd quarter of the 3x6 bee. It took me awhile to figure it out--I would see examples of all these cool blocks in different color schemes but i didn't know what they were for. and then i found the bee and signed up in time for Quarter #3.
3x6 bee inspiration mosaic
i had a really hard time with my inspiration mosaic. oddly enough the exact color combo i'm looking for is apparently not very popular. i want to make a generous queen-sized bed quilt. our theme colors for our bedroom are chocolate brown, navy, and beige. The walls are painted basically Kona Stone with natural wood trim. Spicy loves this color combo and i enjoy that it's calm and soothing--great for a bedroom. I'm not opposed to throwing in a little yellow or other shades of blue. because it was so hard to find concrete examples my inspiration mosaic is just that--mostly inspirational. many of the examples aren't quite perfect but with a little imagination (like replacing the oranges or greens with gold/mustard yellow) it's a good fit.

i'm definitely going to be making more blocks and i was thinking about doing the summer sampler but i might just wing it. since the quilt will be so large i might QAYG, but i haven't decided yet for certain. i've got to finish bottled rainbows first to make sure it's feasible.

i have no idea yet what block style i want to do for the bee. right now i was thinking about designing something but we'll see.

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  1. I think a quilt in these colors will be beautiful for your bedroom. And yes, a few pops of yellow would be fun without going overboard. I saw this bee too late for this round, but I'd like to join in for the next one.



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