Friday, June 03, 2011

rainbow fever

Kona cotton
my order came. i ordered 1/2yds of the original colors for bottled rainbows. i wish i had a kona color card because i probably would've chosen slightly different colors. for example, having a very limited amount of pink and purple scraps means that it probably would have been better to own less than 5 pink/purple solids. i don't mind some yellow-y greens but i am not at all a fan of the one i ended up with (cactus, i think?) i'm sad that there's no kelly green. there's only one red and it's more of a brick red than a red red. but stacked altogether they do look nice and rainbow-y. i can't complain too much.
Kona cotton
4yds each of white and bone. i like bone, but i think the rainbow stack looks much better with white so i'll likely use that for the BR quilt.

i want to start a new project but i should really hold off for now as i'm already in the midst of several things. my sewing/dining room table is a disaster area. so these will look pretty in the stash until i have time to start something new.


  1. I have tons of solids, and I can definitely send you enough for BR blocks in a true red and kelly green. I can send them your way during your Wonky Bee month, or if you need them soon, just let me know!By the way, thanks for the heads up on the Kona sale. I stocked up on snow and bone, as well as a few shades I've been wanting to try.

  2. So pretty!  I'm just did my rainbowish "Amish" quilt so I need to resist this!  LOL!



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