Monday, June 27, 2011

Granny Babette

one of my proudest crafty accomplishments was making the Babette blanket back in 2007. i used up all leftover yarns and it took me about a year to complete. unfortunately my skills were not quite where they should be and it didn't take long for some major issues to develop (i did a horrible job weaving in the ends and several inner rounds have come apart). i was very sad. but i didn't really like the end result enough to make the repairs. at the time i used up every leftover yarn i had--some of which were not so pretty and were of many different yarn content and weights. the blanket is rather inconsistent and lumpy in spots. i put it in the attic in the hopes of someday either fixing it or making a replacement.
Granny Babette
evidently i've decided to make a replacement. after finishing the granny ripple and still having a ton of leftover sock yarn, i figured it was time. hopefully it won't take me a year to finish this time around, but i'm not in a rush either so we'll see how it goes.

i didn't want to make the exact same blanket again, so i'm replacing the original squares with traditional granny squares. i'm following my own color scheme. i divided my sock yarn leftovers into 3 piles according to how much was left. i'm just pulling from the smallest pile for the innermost rounds and working my way out from there. the only part of the pattern that i'm following is the layout.

i've completed sections 1-3 so far. i try to work a couple of rounds a night when i've put away other projects. i'm also weaving in the ends as i go and making sure that i do a better job this time. it's been easier since i've learned to use the magic ring to start the squares.


  1. sara i am so in love with this!  it is beautiful! i am very excited to see it grow.

  2. I so love these granny square afghans you've been making and linking to. I really want to make one, but I don't really know where to begin, since I haven't crocheted since 2004, and I had only done it for a year when I switched to knitting. How difficult would you say these are to do right? Any thoughts of writing up an instructional pattern, or do you know of a good reference?

  3. granny squares are pretty easy. i'd recommend the tutorial at the purl bee:

    for general crochet help, the Happy Hooker book is actually quite good. it has nice illustrations.

    hope that helps.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations!



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