Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ghetto would be scotch tape

Squaring up blocks for my dad's quilt
I've slowly been working on getting my dad's quilt together. I had to scale back what i was trying to do to save time. it's a small lap quilt now. thanks to chain-piecing, i'd managed to stitch all the blocks together and i tried to square them up last night during commercial breaks of So You Think You Can Dance. naturally, i made it all the way to the last block (there it is, up above) before slicing my finger open with the rotary cutter when it decided to just skip off the ruler and onto my hand.
Woe is me
after shouting a few obscenities and rushing to the kitchen to clean the wound and apply pressure, Spicy comes into the kitchen to help me. i asked him to get some gauze as i didn't think a bandaid would cover the injury. he comes downstairs and patiently wraps up my finger with a gauze pad and some duct tape.

we go back to watching the show and on the next commercial break i got up and went back into the dining room. Spicy yells after me, "I think you should be finished for tonight." I reply, "oh don't worry--i'm finished," and i grabbed my camera. he asked me why i was taking a picture of my finger and i assured him it was good blog material and that i wanted to show how ghetto resourceful he was.

He pointedly tells me that clearly i'm new to the neighborhood because his solution was NOT ghetto and that he'd used the GOOD duct tape. "Ghetto," he reassures me, "would be a paper towel and scotch tape."

and there it is.


  1. Ouch! I hope it wasn't a terribly bad cut. I know those rotary cutters can really do some damage. 
    I LOVE how that star is looking!

  2. Oooh. Ouch. I've been lucky about that so far (*knocks wood*), but I hope your finger heals quickly. Spicy was quick to come up with a solution! I like it, and I love your star block.

  3. Ha ha!  Nice!  And OUCH!  I did that once w/my mom's rotary cutter when I was little.  She still hasn't let me live that down.

  4. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!  that is awesome!  

  5. ha! Spicy is right. Hope the cut isn't too bad -- I like that last block and can't wait to see the whole quilt for your dad. :)

  6. Ouch!  Hope your finger is ok. If you wanted to class it up a bit, you could use that colored/patterned duct tape they sell at JoAnn's. Something to keep on hand maybe...



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