Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites + Linky-loos

Friday Favorites 06/10
1. 3x6 angel block..., 2. Mod Trees Quilt Block, 3. Half square triangle wall hanging, 4. Ziggetyzaggety, 5. mille colori, 6. clcha 06, 7. herringbone quilt., 8. Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket Completed!, 9. Red and Aqua House Doll Quilt

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I was the recipient of the Stash Happy Patchwork book giveaway on the sometimes crafter. I am happy to report that the book has arrived and it's fabulous. i've already printed out the templates to make the nesting bowls and the log cabin bucket (upper right and lower left). actually, having to enlarge templates is the only thing that i don't love about the book. i can never seem to copy the right portion and i end up printing it 1100 times. at any rate, that's probably not the book's fault. it looks like a great book for cute quick gifts. i'm sure i will consult it often.

I am having very serious thoughts of joining this warm/cool quiltalong. i've been wanting a value HST quilt and i can use scraps. i would make the smallest size for a wall hanging.

i'm making another crochet scrap blanket and there's lots of ways to join granny squares. i consulted this method and of course, i ended up doing something slightly different. the picture tutorial is very helpful though.

today's the last day to take advantage of 30% off of Adele. to receive the coupon code, sign up for my newsletter. thanks to everyone who has purchased it already!

happy weekend and go mavs!


  1. I'm definitely doing a Friday post like yours today. Thanks for some beautiful images and inspiration! I really want to do the values quilt-along, too, but I'm going to have to wait awhile before I can add that to my list!

  2. Kristin Kinman6/10/2011 06:44:00 PM

    Where could I find the pattern for #6.  I can't print the picture to figure it out for myself.



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