Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bottled Rainbows: The Yellowing

Bottled Rainbows
so i'm on my second block and i already had to bust into my larger scrap drawer. i have yet to commit to slicing up yardage at least. i had plenty of yellow scraps but mostly of the same fabrics over and over. i needed to add a bit extra just for variety. fortunately my yellow scrap bin is much smaller now, unlike the red.
Bottled Rainbows
i like the applique stitch but man does it use up a ton of thread. i recently bought a couple of giant spools of white gutermann thread when it was on sale at joanns and i'm afraid i'm going to run out again way too quickly.

my favorite part of this block is the teeny tufted tweet bird. i'm so glad i'm doing this QAL. it makes me so happy to look at all the colors.


  1. Are you doing them straight on the batting like most? 
    I'm thinking about ripping this quilt off and mutating it a bit for something else as I don't have nearly enough scraps to do a full BR.
    I'm enjoying living vicariously thru you though!  ;-)

  2. Another great one! I cut into a few yardage pieces, just if I really wanted to incorporate a special piece of fabric.

  3. You make some of the neatest quilts.  I love how this one is turning out with the red and yellow so far.  Will you be joining them together as one big quilt?



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