Monday, June 20, 2011

Bottled Rainbows: The Beginning

my reward for finishing up a big project was starting another project, naturally. I finally get to start Bottled Rainbows. i stitched all of my blocks together first. i switched out one of the greens for a kelly green Connecting Threads solid, and i took out hot pink and replaced it with Kona Red. I'm using Kona White for the neutral solid. i'm piecing together batting scraps and now i'm super pleased with myself for saving them.
Bottled Rainbows: Red
so i started with true red. i'm going to try really hard to use the tiny scraps from the scrap bin rather than cutting into yardage. this will probably be more difficult as i go along, but it was no trouble at all for this block. i haven't even made a dent in the red scrap bin.
Bottled Rainbows: Red
instead of using a zigzag stitch, i tried out the applique stitch on my machine. there are several different ones so i think i'm leaning towards using a variety of stitches on the quilt. i used the satin stitch foot very rarely, so it was fun to pull it out and try something different. i should probably be more diligent about removing stray threads but oh well.

in the interest of saving time i used scissors to cut out shapes rather than using my rotary cutter. i like how everyone's quilt looks different. though i enjoy the ones that look like tidy well-planned cityscapes mine is a much more haphazard mess, which seems to suit me well. i am getting to use up those teeny tiny scraps that i can't seem to make myself throw away.

i am very excited about this project and i hope i can keep it moving so that I'll have a finished quilt by the end of summer.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your version; I love your first block!

  2. Love it! the blanket stitch you used is great too. 



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