Wednesday, June 15, 2011

America, the Quilt

Good things happen when I apply myself.
Dad's quilt
Dad's quilt is finished! It's 48x60, a small lap size. The blocks are 12".

For fabrics, I used:
kona cotton solids
connecting threads solids
DS quilts picnic
metro living
connecting threads winter fun
connecting threads wrap it up
amy butler lotus
tufted tweets
alexander henry
it's a hoot
sherbet pips
betty dear
+ others
Dad's quilt back
The back is kona red and the binding is kona white. The strip down the middle is mostly connecting threads white with some kona mixed in. of course i ran out of white right at the end. i don't think it's too noticeable. The backing was very much inspired by this flickr favorite.
Dad's quilt
i used an old flannel sheet for batting so it's a nice lightweight quilt. i tried to free motion, but the sandwich wasn't thick enough and i couldn't lower my FMQ foot anymore. i ended up with tangles of thread nests. so i switched to my tried and true easy method, the serpentine stitch. i also initially tried white in the top and red for the bobbin thread but it looked terrible so i went just with connecting threads essential in red.
Dad's quilt
white seemed like the only choice for binding. i went back to straight grain binding with the one step method. so much easier than fussing with bias binding. i do really wish i had a decent bias tape maker though.

i love how this quilt turned out. i feared it would be too busy but i wanted to try a quilt without sashing and i think this one was a big success. it makes me want to go on a picnic for some reason. i hope my dad likes it.


  1. It's such a happy quilt! I'm sure your dad will love it. My mom would go ape over this quilt. By the way, I tried a few minutes of free motion last night, and whoa. That's a weird feeling.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I normally don't care for red, white an blue quilts but this one is so modern and perfect. LOVE it!

  4. I have no talent for sewing (I can mend things in straight lines), so I'm always super impressed by those who quilt. What a fantastic job!

  5. So, normally, I'm not a big fan of red, white and blue patriotic stuff--but I really love this!  Lucky dad!

  6. now that's a quilt to be proud of (and i'm not american or your dad).

  7. I love the American colors and feel of this quilt.  Beautiful job!

  8. That turned out great, and I don't even like patriotic colors! It's so cheerful. And I love the name.

  9. Polkadotsparrow7/07/2011 05:47:00 AM

    I love this! I love red, white and blue but could never come up with a pattern I liked for them together. But this is it!

  10. What pattern did you use?  It is beautiful.  My son is leaving for Army boot camp next month and I want to make a patriotic quilt.

  11. Our quilting group makes and donates lap quilts for military veterans. This design is perfect for them..



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