Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Ellie Socks

Sweet Tortie Socks
i finally finished Spicy's sweet tortie socks.
Sweet Tortie Socks
Pattern: Escalator, stockinette toe-up version
Size: Men's 8
Needles: #1 knitpicks options
Yarn: handspun fatcatknits variegated BFL in Sweet Tortie
Started: March 26, Finished: May 7

i was working on several other things at the same time, so it took me awhile to finish. it was nice to have a mindless project to fall back on. i finished them just in time to be too warm for thick wool socks. i ran out of yarn at the second cuff, so i subbed in some malabrigo sock. fortunately it blends quite well and isn't all that noticeable.

i adore the striping on these socks. Spicy is very lucky that they don't fit me.

oh, and just because...catversushuman. this is exactly what sleeping is like for us over the weekends, cat hat and all.

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  1. Spicy's new socks are fantastic. I know you said it took you a while, but that's still faster than it usually takes me to knit one sock. By the way, you enabled me yesterday with your Aviary 2 purchase. So I made one as well...



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