Thursday, May 05, 2011

Putting the wonk in Wonky Bee

I was so excited to try wonky trees and houses that I made my Wonky Bee blocks for Melissa last night.
Tree for Melissa
I used my newly formed skillz in making Jacey's blocks to do the tree. Doing the sashing was the challenging part. I really really should have planned out what I was going to do and/or made some practice blocks first. Making 8 inch blocks when you're used to 12 inches is actually kind of hard. i'd be piecing along happily and then realize: hey--i'd better stop now b/c i'm almost out of space. i wasted a ton of the white she sent on the tree block when i half-assedly did the sashing.
House for Melissa
this became a problem because i could not for the life of me find my stash of solid white. so the house got sashed with pieced scraps from the wasted part of the first block. so Melissa--i am really sorry about the sloppiness. Note to self: Don't try to wing it in the future. at least i can say with 100% certainty that my blocks fit the wonky theme.

despite it being a challenge, i really enjoyed making these two blocks. my favorite part was definitely fussy cutting the little characters to put in the house and under the tree. i would love to have my own wonky town quilt someday.


  1. I keep seeing blocks like this! Yours came out fantastic!! My favorite part of these "town" blocks are the little animals and such. I think they are so clever. Fantastic job with your blocks!

  2. Wow, they look great! I'm hoping to try out the tree this weekend. So you just winged it, then? I love the gnome in the house!

  3. I love that gnome/hedgehog block! Very cute!

  4. Very cute! I especially love the tree block.

  5. That's totally ok! They look great! I ended up wasting a lot of white when I did mine too. I tried to send a huge amount of white because of this, but apparently it wasn't enough!

    I also found it a challenge to switch to 8" blocks
    from the usual 12.5".

  6. These are so cute.  I love how you have the gnome and hedgehog placed.  



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