Monday, May 09, 2011

i like it ruff

awhile back i found a blouse at anthropologie that i really loved. i had always intended to do a knock-off but got lazy. fortunately, presser foot figured out the details for me and all i had to do was follow her tutorial. She's making several different looks from Simplicity 2599--the most versatile pattern in the history of ever. this is my fourth top using the pattern.
Simplicity 2599
I used AMH Little Folks voile. this is the also the 4th blouse I've made from this line of fabric. it's the best shirt fabric--lightweight, soft, and comfortable. my version is sleeveless for summer wear, but i really should have lowered the armholes. they're a bit uncomfortably tight. i did french seams on the sides and they're so pretty. i love using french seams with voile--it's lightweight enough that the seams aren't too bulky.

i must have interpreted the tutorial incorrectly when it came to the ruffle. mine is a lot taller than it's supposed to be. i was going to rip and redo, but the more i wore it around the house the more i came to like it. it's sort of dramatically silly but in a good way.
Simplicity 2599
i like this style enough that i'd consider doing another. it's pretty distinctive though, so not anytime soon. maybe if i find the perfect fabric.

i'm sneaking this one in last minute to the Spring Top Sewalong.


  1. It's a great top! I wanted to enter the spring top contest, but I just didn't get around to sewing any clothes for myself this past month.

  2. I've been waffling about a ruffle, but you may have convinced me! Great top :)

  3. hi there! i just found your blog tonight, because i was searching for blouses with voile. i too love AMH!! And I really love your blog and all the sewing projects you do! thanks for sharing!




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