Friday, May 06, 2011

Circles, and some links for the home

Metro Living
I started cutting out my dad's quilt. although i have a sizable stash of blue fabrics, i was lacking in the right kind of deep americana blue. i bought a yard of these 3 metro living fabrics to fill the gap. i just love the simple graphic prints. the fabric itself is surprisingly rough and thick though--kind of the opposite of moda. i should really get cracking on my dad's quilt. time is running out. i need to get cracking on a lot of things though.

anyway...onto links!

keeping with the circles theme...I LOVE this clock. i want one of my own so badly. it would look great in my sewing/dining room.

i desperately want a new duvet cover. i haven't quite decided yet if i want to go with this or this. i'm not sure if spicy would approve of either. they might be too sweet for him. i love them both though.

i've been thinking more about how i want to decorate the house and i think a doll quilt wall like this is in order for the living room. now if only i could snap my fingers and suddenly have a stack of finished doll quilts.

hopefully this weekend i'll find time to make some new pillowcases. love the use of french seams.

wreaths are a bit outside my comfort zone. i'm less into stuff that you're supposed to change frequently and/or might fall down/end up a with a cat hanging off of it. but i do really like this one. i'm not sure where i'd hang it though.

these house potholders are really sweet. it'd be good to get more practice on my wonky houses.

hope your weekend is full of crafty fun.


  1. Love your new fabrics. Very fitting for a man's quilt. I LOVE this clock! I want one too! I have to look out for a clock, and get to work. It would looks so great in my studio. Thanks for the link!!!

  2. Ooh, such a bold blue. Love! The clock is awesome, and yeah, I've been thinking about that wreath, even though wreaths are not typically my style.

  3. Great links!
    I laughed at the sewing/dining room reference--I've got one of those too! LOL!

  4. that fabric is awesome! As I am in the middle of a "male" quilt as well and Im actually likeing the change of pace. The wreath you linked to is AWESOME! and I can now see where all my scrap binding strips is going to go!



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