Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bee Blocks

May Simple Modern Quilt Bee
This month's Simple Modern Quilt Bee assignment called for HST blocks in red and white for an Xmas quilt. i used this method again for the HSTs. i have a lot of red fabrics to pull from, so i tried to incorporate some holiday-ish appropriate fabrics.

i like the way that HST blocks look, but they're not my favorite to sew. let's just say i have a healthy disdain for trimming. i want an HST value quilt, but i'm unlikely to ever make one. maybe a mini version could be tolerable.


  1. That method does look cool. I agree though, trimming sucks. It's pretty much inevitable though. That's why I just got a rotating mat--it makes it a bit faster.

  2. I need to get a rotating mat like Melissa suggests. Your blocks are beautiful! I liked making the HSTs for my Sherbet Pips project (still in progress), but I did quickly decide to make it a very small quilt, after I calculated how many I would need for a full or queen.

  3. Nice job, love the colors!

  4. Did I mention I don't quilt with a rotary cutter yet?  While those blocks are nice, my brain would explode trying to make them w/no rotary cutter! 



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