Wednesday, April 06, 2011

yay for pants!

Simplicity 2700
it is very difficult to get decent pictures of dark denim. so just pretend that there are details.

i made a second pair of Simplicity 2700 amazing fit pants. the only major pattern alteration from last time was that i tapered the leg between knee and cuff to make it more bootcut. i took out 1.5in but visually it didn't make much difference. I'll probably shape it a teensy bit more the next go-round.

i kept the tab closure this time and i hate it. now i remember why i cut it off last time. i did my first ever faux welt pockets on the back. i used the method in Pants for Real People and it was surprisingly quite easy. i didn't do functional welt pockets because i never use back pockets and i figured that the extra bulk was unnecessary. i tried to take pictures but it really doesn't show up. next time i'll have to make a lighter pair of pants.

i wanted these pants to be as dressy as possible so i didn't topstitch anything and i used a dark thread rather than a contrasting jeans thread. i bought the denim from a local fabric store. it's fairly heavyweight and has a tiny bit of stretch. i used only one and a third yards for the pants. i bought 4 yards, so i have enough to make more pairs. i think i'll want a pair of more traditional jeans, and maybe a pair of capris for summer, but i'm not quite sure how i feel about denim capris yet.

i did do one really dumb thing. i was to the point of putting on the waistband facing when i realized that i had never stitched the pockets together. whoops. fortunately i was able to carefully stitch them together, but it doesn't look very pretty on the inside. i used the blue polka dot fabric from my ruffle blouse for the pockets.

i have one more pair of these to make in black wool/tencel. i'm going to do a lining for the next pair. it's actually not all that hard of a pattern and it doesn't even take very long (it took me 2 days to finish this pair) but mentally it just seems like such a big project and it exhausts me to think about it. so i might wait a bit before tackling the pattern again.


  1. Honestly, I'm still so amazed you can sew pants. I know I've said it before, but I find them really intimidating.

  2. So nice to have worked out a good fit on these pants. I rarely worry about the inside of my garments. As long as the outside pleases me, I'm happy.

  3. I've been meaning to comment on this forever. Hooray for pants! By far the most useful item of clothing I sew. And I'm with Shannon on the inside of garments. It's our little secret ;)



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