Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Wish I Had Time For

1) Finishing the two baby quilts i started

2) Figuring out what quilt to make for my Dad. his birthday is rapidly approaching. he loves America, so i was thinking maybe something vaguely patriotic, but not vulgar patriotic. Tasteful patriotism.

3) Making a Cherry cardigan for spring.

4) Sewing some clothes for the babyspawn, like some kimonos and pj pants.

5) Making a Pendrell blouse.

6) Sewing a pair of jeans.

7) Stitching this mail organizer so that our mail doesn't explode all over the house anymore. and if i may be permitted to complain for a moment: is it normal to continue to regularly receive mail for the previous occupants 2 years after you buy a house? I RTS when i have a free moment but it just keeps on coming. and not just junk either, like insurance envelopes and hospital bills.

8) spinning anything.

Instead i'm focused on a singular project that takes up all my free time. it should be worth it in the end though. until i'm finished, expect sporadic posting. i am expecting some packages soon that will give me something to blog about though.

1 comment:

  1. Right off the bat, I'm so with you on #7. I still get these insurance bills for some guy that lived here nearly four years ago. Update your records, people!
    Now that I've got that out of my system, it sounds like your focus is worth it, but I understand the desire for all the things on your list. You'll get to them, eventually. Cherry is on my list to knit as well. It's so cute.



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