Friday, April 01, 2011


Stashing from Sew Fresh Fabrics
i picked up a few quilting fabrics from Sew Fresh Fabrics. i got 1yd of Amy Butler half moon dots, 1/2yd each of 2 castle peeps fabrics, and 1yd of the albert/victoria books to use as a backing for that bookshelf quilt that i'll eventually get around to making.

My stash is very low on orange, yellow, green, and purple fabrics and very stacked in the black/white, red, and blue areas. so i sort of did ok. i have real issues finding purple and green fabrics that i like. i'll browse a shop in the hopes of finding some but usually i end up tossing them from the cart because i've found a red or blue fabric that i like much better.

this weekend i'm determined to sew another pair of Simplicity 2700 pants. i cut them out last night. i might crave new dresses or skirts or blouses, but i really need pants. i'm going for the trouser jean look. hopefully this doesn't mean that i am now officially old.

have a great weekend!

Edit: I just wanted to add a note that Cooperative Press is doing a Kickstarter campaign if that sort of thing is something you're interested in. Also, my design is one amongst the many in the video and the facebook preview.


  1. I have been coveting the book print. I just scored some of the full moon dots as well! I'm happy they reprinted the line. Great stashing! I'm the same way with having tons of certain colors in the stash. Funnily enough, black/white and red are colors that I'm pretty low on.

  2. I love that book print so much.

    I hear you on the greens and purples. I had a heck of a time finding them for my Paintbox Quilt. All the purples right now are really muted red violets or dusky grey purples. Nothing really "purple purple". And I couldn't for the life of me find any true Kelly greens. Yellow-greens seem to be the popular greens right now, which is ok by me because they are my favorite, but it made it a pain when I was doing my Kelly green block.



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