Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stashing amongst the plastic

it's not always easy for me to get to joann's. i don't know when my next trip will be, so i ordered some fabric online. when i opened the box, each individual piece of fabric was wrapped in its own plastic bag and taped to within an inch of its life. boo, joanns. boo-urns.
DS Quilts fabric
i succumbed to the picnic/fairgrounds craze. i ordered a yard each of my favorite prints. one upside is that somehow i ended up with almost 2 yards of the blue/green dots, which happens to be my favorite print. yay! i like the yellow less than i'd hoped--it's a bit on the mustardy-side. i also kind of wish i had ordered some of the navy fabrics, but i ended up with the prints i liked best and the quality seems pretty decent. i do think the line is overpriced for what it is though, unless you use a coupon (which of course, i did).
AH fabric
a bunch of Alexander Henry fabrics were on sale. the lemons were one of the first quilting fabrics i ever purchased. i only bought 1/4 yard and it ended up being one of my favorites. so i was happy to get more. i am thinking about making more potholders for my kitchen as my old ones are on their last legs. i thought the pear/apple print was really bright and cute even though i despise pears in real life. you can definitely tell a difference in quality comparing these to the DS fabrics. they are scratchier and the weave isn't as tight.
Lisette fabric
finally, lisette fabrics were on sale and i got a couple for summer tops/dresses. i ended up getting a bit over 2 yards of the gingham than i'd ordered as well, so that was a nice bonus. the voile is quite nice and soft. i don't know yet what i'll do with these but i really like them.

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  1. It's odd that they used so much plastic, but I've never ordered from them, so maybe it's normal. You got some lovely fabrics, and yay for extras! I do love that AH lemon print. It's so bright and fun.



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