Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cashmere, Pt 2

for my second refashion, i made the beige sweater into a cardigan. i took in the sides and sleeves just a little but i wanted to keep the fit on this one looser so i could wear it over long sleeve shirts. i shortened the sleeves by 3 inches but probably could've taken 4.
beige cardi refashion
i cut up the middle of the sweater and sewed grosgrain ribbon to make the button bands. i tried several times to make buttonholes with my horizon but it was a no-go. It is extremely frustrating that i can't do buttonholes on my machine. apparently there's an attachment called the buttonhole stabilizer that i will probably have to order that supposedly fixes the problem. i tried for a couple of hours on scraps with stabilizers and without, using the regular buttonhole, several of the stretch buttonholes, and the memory buttonhole. i used my seam ripper constantly. but it wasn't to be. finally, i crocheted a loop with crochet cotton and stitched it to the band for a closure. the button is from an old necklace that broke years ago.
beige cardi refashion
the horizon wasn't a total fail, so i'm not quite ready to throw it out the window yet. i cut out strips of quilting cotton, ironed it onto the sweater with lite steam a seam 2 and used several of the applique stitches to attach them. this was my first time trying applique and it was kind of fun.

the flower is another motif from beyond the square in crochet cotton thread and the leaf is a free pattern on the web in leftover sock yarn.

although the fabric is fairly thin, this cardigan is really warm. it'll be perfect for winter, but i wore it yesterday with a long sleeved shirt and thought i was going to die from heat stroke. i want some simple cardigans for spring so if i alter any of the others i'll probably make them a closer fit with 3/4 sleeves and plan to wear them with short sleeves or a tank.


  1. I like this refab even better! I dig the shoulder ribbon stripes especially.
    WTF is w/the buttonholes though? Now you've got me paranoid--I haven't done buttonholes on my machine yet and mine's not nearly as top of the line as your HOrizon is!

  2. Hmm, I haven't tried to make a buttonhole with my machine yet, but that sucks that you weren't able to do so. Your second sweater refashion looks really nice. I think you really got a great deal with these sweaters. ooh, do I spy leopard print peep-toes?



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