Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Tortie: The Yarn, Not the Cat

i finished spinning the Ellie yarn.
FatCatKnits Variegated BFL
FatCatKnits Variegated BFL in Sweet Tortie
fingering weight
spun longdraw from the fold, chain-plied
soaked and thwacked to finish
FatCatKnits Variegated BFL
every time i spin BFL, i'm reminded of how it's not my favorite fiber. it has luster, which is nice, and it's reasonably soft, but it lacks bounce and feels sort of stringy and lifeless when compared with corriedale, targhee, polwarth, cvm, finn, or merino. or even falkland. i think the next time i spin BFL, i'll card it and see if i like it better in a woolen prep.

one of these days this yarn will be stripey socks for Spicy.


  1. Nevertheless, it turned out great!

  2. Wow, the colors are amazing in that yarn!

  3. It's really beautiful. It's too bad about the lack of bounce, but I'd love to see what you think when you card the fiber first next time.

  4. so pretty! i am amazed at your awesomeness! spinning your own yarn... color me amazed!

  5. That is stunning yarn :)



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