Thursday, March 03, 2011


i bought some fabric from to make baby things. i got a yard each of this double napped flannel.
and some yards and half yards of Remix.
i love this line. it reminds me of shopping for school supplies as a kid. i was one of those who wanted my folders and stickers and pens to coordinate and be cute. colored pens and lisa frank--that was where it was at.

spicy would probably rebel if i wanted to use such sticky sweetness in our house but it's great for baby things. i'll probably try to make some bibs and such over the weekend. i think the argyle is probably my favorite. i might try to sneak in a small bit in a future quilt for us after all.


  1. I so love that fabric collection too. The argyle rocks. Hooray for rainbows!

  2. A plethora of beautiful colors in your last two posts. I love it!



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