Friday, March 04, 2011

Refashion Friday

by the way, in case anyone cares: I decided not to participate in Me-Made-March because it's still winter here and i could not be less excited about wearing the same clothes that i've worn for an entire season. trust me--all i want to do right now is live in my fleece pjs and stay in bed until it's 50 degrees outside. if me-made-may rolls around, i might want to participate because i'll be able to wear spring clothes by then.
skirt refashion: before
i've had this skirt that i bought from the gap for around 10 years or so. i like the color and the fabric but i've never worn it much because it's such an awkward length. despite owning a sewing machine for most of the time i've had the skirt, i never thought to refashion it until now.
i cut 3 inches off the bottom and gave it a 1.5" hem. then, armed with a C crochet hook, some leftover tofutsies, and Around the Corner Crochet Borders, i made some lace trim for the hem. i did a couple rounds of hdc, then the trim. then i just zigzagged it on by machine. I was inspired by Ali's use of lace for embellishment. since i don't have any trim on hand, i had to make my own.
the blouse is made from some thrifted white cotton sheeting. right after i finished my coffee date dress, i saw this tutorial and thought it was adorable. but since i had no desire to make another dress, i decided to apply the details to a blouse instead.
Bow Blouse & Refashioned Skirt
this is Simplicity 2599 in a size 6. I added the cuffed sleeves from 2403. i also lowered the neckline a little bit and used bias tape to finish the neck instead of facings. i sewed the cuff buttons on sans buttonholes because there is 0 chance that i would ever unbutton them. i think that i added to the seam allowance for the bow. i also gathered the center with a wide zigzag before stitching on the center. i handstitched the bow to the blouse.

i probably could've used a good starch and iron but this is what you get when you're in a rush. this is the blouse i tried to pair with the floral jenny, but they look awful together. i think it looks much better with a fuller skirt. i'm reasonably sure i'll end up wearing both of these items a fair amount when spring arrives, so yay!

have a good weekend.


  1. Wow, handmade lace trim. I'm impressed! The outfit looks really cute.

  2. wow, very Nice! That length is much more flattering on you and I'm so impressed, tho not surprised, that u handmade that lace. It makes it really special. And u keep making all these lovely Blouses!

  3. I love the crochet trim. I've got to do some garment sewing soon. I have so many patterns to try and even the fabric to make them!
    This outfit looks adorable on you.

  4. Very resourceful you, for making your own trim. The refashion and white blouse work! Hope your weekend isn't too cold!



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