Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilt top in a day

finishing deadline projects is very freeing. suddenly i feel like i can do anything. i started a pair of socks for spicy over the weekend, and last night i felt like making a new baby quilt.

i pulled fabrics from the stash and put together this quick strip quilt top. i was inspired by all of the strip quilts at filminthefridge.
Strip Quilt Top
i haven't measured yet but i think it's approximately 41x47-ish (see? i can do something other than squares!). i used flannel solids and fabrics from it's a hoot, remix, connecting threads, red letter day, michael miller, and i forget what the blue dots are. i used basically all of the brown fabrics in my stash. i like that the brown calms the bright colors and keeps it from being too clown-barfy.

i haven't figured out what i want to do for the backing yet, but i do know that i want to practice more fmq on the strips.


  1. So cute! I agree; this does not look clown barfy at all. I love an instant gratification project like this. How will you quilt it?

  2. Nope. Not barfy at all. Very jealous. I've come to the conclusion I'm not so good at quilting b/c my sense of color is um, yes, a little off.

  3. I'm loving the beginnings of this baby quilt!



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