Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pretty Yarn Day, Pt II

Superwash merino/viscose
it's been awhile since i've played with my drum carder. I got out some superwash merino/viscose mill ends that i bought from shpherder on ebay and made a little 1oz batt. this is a 2ply fingering weight, 97yds/33g spun longdraw. i'm going to dye it eventually because some red dye from the scrap skein bled onto it during finishing. it's too bad because the yarn is a dazzling white, but i'm sure it'll be pretty as a pale yellow or green as well. it's kitten soft. i have enough yardage to do a baby hat or mittens.
Colorways singles
this is one of the corriedale batts leftover from the colorways club. 169yds/99g, worsted weight singles spun longdraw and fulled to finish. i tried extra hard this time to keep the singles thick. whenever i do singles, they tend to stretch out during finishing and end up skinnier than i'd intended. i think the yarn turned out really pretty as a singles with all of the blended colors. this will be a winter accessory for someone...someday.

1 comment:

  1. I love both skeins. It's too bad the white yarn got spoiled a bit, but I bet you can correct the bleeding.



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