Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pretty Yarn Day, Pt I

I've been saving odds and ends of singles, and I finally chain-plied them together to make a scrap skein. Some of the yarn is several years old and some is only a few weeks. the skein is a bit inconsistently plied as a result.
Scrap Skein
fiber content includes but not limited to: bfl, silk, bamboo, alpaca, merino, corriedale...i can't remember what else. it's a bit hideous. i'm not sure that i'll ever do this again. i might just start chain-plying mini-skeins from the leftovers instead of saving them up for ages. i have another skein like this. i might use them together for a feather and fan comfort shawl eventually.
Alchemy Fibre Arts
Alchemy Fibre Arts superwash merino
197yds/219g chunky weight
spun short-forward draw, chain-plied
nice to spin, but it still smells. one of these days i'll make a vest for my brother's baby-to-be, but not right now.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of chain-plying your leftovers. I can't believe the yarn still smells.



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