Thursday, March 31, 2011

more new patterns

i should really do some sewing this weekend. the glut of new patterns certainly leaves me with several options.
Sewaholic patterns
i bought two sewaholic patterns, even though i'm the opposite of pear shaped and that's her speciality. i debated for a long while whether or not i should buy the Pendrell blouse. i think the tipping point was seeing all of the lovely finished versions in the blogosphere. though most people seem to wear it tucked in with a pencil skirt, i think it would look better on my figure untucked as more of a tunic. i'm also thinking about altering the neckline to draw attention away from the shoulders. i do love the ruffled sleeve version though. i'm a sucker for ruffles. i have several fabrics that would probably work for the blouse--cotton voile, linen, and silk. i'll probably start with a muslin though. i think i have some leftover rayon that would do for the sleeveless shell.

the skirt seems more flexible in that i think it would look fine on a variety of body types, including mine. i bought some black linen/rayon from joann to try it out.

it's normal for me to be 3 different sizes in Big 4 patterns. on these, my chest and waist are one size and my hips are another. i'll have to alter the hips but i don't think it'll be different from changing up any pattern that i buy. that's life if you want things to fit you. it shouldn't be a huge deal.

btw, my new 24x36 olfa cutting mat is making it's debut appearance. oh cutting mat--how did i ever live without you?


  1. I'm more of an hourglass than a pear myself, and managed to get the Pendrell to work for me. Though I did have to do a pretty significant FBA. Also planning on wearing mine as more of a tunic (once it's warm enough to do so)-- I made the ruffled version, and it looks nice with a wide belt. So I'd say go for it.

  2. Ooh, I'm not familiar with these patterns, but you're right, the blouse FOs are great!

  3. I too bought the Pendrell blouse pattern recently and am anxious to try it out. But I am already behind on the RTW Tailoring sewalong, so it will have to wait for a bit longer. Can't wait to see your version!



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