Friday, March 25, 2011

linky the grouch

i hate this time of year. usually it starts to warm up to 50 degrees or so and i start thinking about busting out my spring wardrobe or opening a window or watching Spicy plant his garden (though not in our yard since it's a wasteland). and then it snows 6 additional unnecessary inches. March in Rochester blows. literally. i'm sure i've mentioned before that it snowed during my college graduation ceremony in May. My Arkansas-dwelling parental units were less than pleased. so there's no guarantee that the Hell will be over until mid-May or so. whoopee.

anyway i'm grumpy and i need a shot of happy color to go from dis- to gruntled.

i'll start with this. i love the use of bright happy solids with the prints.

mmm, coffee. i could use a cup right about now.

these bright handspun socks are amazing.

i love red and this outfit is so cute.

ooh pretty! i just love grey as a neutral.

i'm dreaming of summer already. i really want a maxi dress in a lightweight cotton, like lawn or voile. i can never buy them because they're always at least 8 inches too long for me. i was thinking about Butterick 5486. does anybody else have good suggestions?

i've also been checking out 5601. i've been wanting a dress with a cute back detail. i'm not sure the square neck is good for me though. and i think the sleeves might emphasize my broad shoulders. actually the model kind of looks like she has my basic body shape (though i'm sure she's taller). does the dress look good on her?


  1. The coffee block is incredible. Thanks for linking to that. I'm not sure about the square neck on that Butterick pattern. I think the wide sleeve tabs would irritate me, personally. I do think the dress looks good on the model. Different, but good.

    I wish I could send some H-town weather your way. Sorry it's erratic this time of year.

  2. I LOVE the socks! Such vibrant colors. I don't like this time of year either. It's the time I most likely catch a cold, because I don't dress warm enoudh, plus I HATE the mud!



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