Wednesday, March 09, 2011

for work

my old work bag has seen better days. I needed a slightly bigger purse and I prefer a longer strap because it's hard to carry a shoulder bag when you're wearing a big bulky coat. so i made one.
Margaret Bag
Pattern: Margaret Bag by Oh, Fransson (pdf)
Fabric: amy butler lotus, handkerchief linen, cotton flannel
Margaret Bag
as you can see, it's really big. but it's great for work. it holds my lunch and a pair of shoes. i altered the construction a bit. i didn't want to use 2 layers of interfacing and the handkerchief linen has a tendency to stretch out of control, so i cut one layer of lightweight interfacing and fused it to the lining. i cut heavy interfacing for the straps and left out the interlining from that piece entirely. i also omitted top stitching, because i got lazy and it looks fine without it.

i probably should have tried to center the print on the bag, but i wanted to conserve as much fabric as possible. i started with 2 yards and i have a little less than .5yds left.

this was a pretty easy bag to put together. i kind of wish i had done the pockets differently but they're ok. one issue is that the bag is so large that smaller items tend to get lost.

i probably won't make this one again for myself but it would be a nice quick gift bag since it's easy to sew and functional.


  1. Oh, I like that a lot! I'm in need of a new big bag as well. Love the Amy Butler fabric!

  2. Cute! Love the fabric. =)

  3. Very nice! It's a great use for the AB lotus print.

  4. Great bag! The bags I make are similar, particularly in size, and I find them so useful, especially slung across my body to run errands on my bike. The fabric you have used is perfect!



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