Thursday, March 17, 2011

babyspawn remixed

i've slowly been accumulating some things for the baby.
Burp Cloths
Burp cloths from this tutorial. I did end up making a paper pattern so that I could easily reuse it. For the first patchwork one, I stitched the strips to a layer of cotton batting. I used blue flannel for the back. it ended up being a bit of an eyesore. 80s-tastic rainbows can be overdone, apparently.

for the second, I used the argyle fabric, another strip of blue flannel and a layer of cotton batting in the middle. since this one wasn't attached to the batting, i practiced free-motion quilting a couple of flowers. i forgot to take a picture of the back so you could see them. they look kind of crappy anyway--maybe it's for the best.

i'll probably make some more of these. they were easy and fast to put together. i didn't use fleece at all (though i do have some)--hopefully the cotton/batting/flannel sandwich is thick enough.
Baby bibs
these bibs were made using this pattern. i'm thinking now that the pattern may not have had seam allowances added. i stitched 1/4" seam allowances and the bibs are TINY. i hope that they're still usable. if i use this pattern again, i'll definitely enlarge it first. i do like how simple it is to put together. these don't have batting--they're just backed with flannel. the one in the middle is a pinwheel block that i made some time ago when i was experimenting with HSTs. i'm glad it found some use here.

to the moms out there: are pockets on bibs a good idea? a lot of patterns have them but i am having a hard time seeing the point.
this bib is from this tutorial. i only made one because it's kind of a pain in the ass. it's adorable as hell but definitely more annoying to sew than the previous pattern. it has a layer of batting and a flannel back. it's much larger than the other bibs. i'm guessing it's good to have multiple sizes because babies grow and stuff.

i haven't even cut into all of my remix fabrics. i'm planning to do more little projects like this as i find time.


  1. Love the bibs and burp cloths! You are rocking the 80s here. This kiddo is going to be stylin'.

  2. Pocket bibs are super useful if they are the right kind. The ones I like are big and squarish at the bottom, and they have velcro, so you can open up the pocket completely for cleaning. The pocket is also really shallow. I can find you a link or something if you are interested. Pockets on little bibs, not so useful.

  3. Oh all these baby things are adorable! I always made my bibs out of a nice quality velor terry cloth (non-stretch) with a bias binding trim from quilting fabric. I made them big so they were like a washcloth to clean the baby's face with when done eating. Bibs with "give", not too stiff, are most useful. I dont' really get the pocket either. I never had any bibs with pockets with any of my boys. Your small bibs will be of use in the first three months. And it's always fun to have "statement" bibs for those special occasions. You are a good auntie!

  4. Thanks for linking back to my burp cloth tutorial--yours turned out great and I love the mix of bright colors & patterns. As far as pocket bibs, I hate them. I am disgusted by what collects in the pocket. I've been making stacks of bibs for a friend who is due in July. The newborn bibs I've made seem so tiny but I think I've forgotten how little newborns are!

  5. Wamber_the_Panda4/01/2011 05:46:00 PM

    I've been looking for some bib tutorials myself! I've done a TON of sewing for my little one that's gonna be here soon -within the next two weeks I think- and I've made a quilt, a changing pad, a nursing cover and I even knitted him a hat and some legwarmers, but I haven't made any bibs! I'm going to have to bookmark the tutorials for later.

    BTW, the pocket is so when they are feeding themselves and drop the food, the pocket catches the food.. kind of odd and honestly not worth doing unless you coat the front of the bib with iron on vinyl. Not entirely sure how I feel about it though; just one more space that doesn't get cleaned when getting washed I think.



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