Friday, February 18, 2011

A very special linky-loo Friday

i received some very big news last weekend...
Magic Slippers from sock pixie
i'm going to be an Aunt!

my brother and his wife are having their first child. they've had some difficulties and are finally becoming parents in their early 40s. i'm so excited for them and as an added bonus i get to make stuff! i can already see us becoming Crazy Aunt Sara and Uncle Spicy, covered in cat hair and forcing handmade reindeer sweaters on a poor unsuspecting niece/nephew.

so today's linky day is all about babies.

i've put in requests for 2 books from ILL, Amy Butler's and Anna Marie Horner's. i'll be sure to report back once i get them. btw, when i am researching craft books i often go to flickr to see if there's a group for the book, like little stitches and handmade beginnings. it's a great way to preview the projects and get ideas.

i've been making washcloths like they've been going out of style. i'm using up soft cotton yarns and blends. i figure you can never have too many. so far, i've made the eloomanator dishcloth (pdf), a ballband, grandmother's favorite, a scalloped potholder (i only did 1 layer for a washcloth), and the squidge cloth.

i've also been making booties. i did a pair of magic slippers and the stockinette variation. i'm also planning to try some better than booties.

i want to do sewn gifts as well, like these bibs and these pants. i was looking up cloth diaper patterns and it's easy to get completely overwhelmed, especially for someone who literally had to google "stuff babies need." does anybody have any advice in this regard? what's better--fitted or prefold? what kinds of closures are best? do i have to lanolinize soakers? holy crap (pun intended) babies need a lot of diapers. see what i mean?

and of course, there's quilts. i think that for an heirloom type of quilt i want to make them this book quilt from the modern quilt workshop. both mom and dad to be are avid readers, and i'm sure the baby will be as well. here's a few more examples.

i also eventually want to do a larger playmat type of quilt--maybe a bright string quilt that will provide lots of stimulation?

the couple is determined not to find out the sex ahead of time--a practice that i abhor but hey--it's their baby. i'm working on Baby Care Package #1. i'm trying to make one thing per day, whether it's a washcloth or a pair of booties. i figure when i get a nice roundup of stuff i'll send it to them and progress to cuter and larger projects as we get closer to the birth in August.

if anyone has any good advice to pass along i'd appreciate it. the last thing i want to do is send them something that proves to be completely useless. and since they are first time parents they don't know yet exactly what they'll need the most. i'm sure that my mom and dad will go nuts with adorable things like toys and clothes. i'd like to stick to more practical items myself, at least at first. although this is definitely on my someday list.


  1. Congrats on the approaching aunthood! That baby is going to have so many handmade goods! Hmm, I'm not really sure what advice to offer on essential items, but I'm pretty clueless on the matter myself.

  2. Congratulations!!! :) You will be an awesome aunt.

  3. Aww, congrats! I found the most useful sewn thing when Alice was a newborn were those over-the-shoulder burp cloths. Flannel is best because it sticks to your shoulder. My mom made me a ton, and I still made some because I never seemed to have enough. Also, a baby can never have too many blankets. It's good to mix it up and do some that are quilts for laying on the floor, and some that are thin, snuggly blankets, and swaddling blankets. We also had one that had super thick batting that was great as a pad for the portacrib.
    I would hold off on doing anything diaper-related until they know for sure what kind they like. We had very good intentions about cloth diapers that completely went out the window.
    Lets see...what else?
    Oh, the bootie pattern in the Amy Butler book rules. I made a ton for Alice, and they were so useful. Once you make it a couple times it becomes really easy. Make the smaller sizes though--the large size booties aren't as useful because by then they are starting to walk and need traction.
    Oh, and I really would have liked to have more sleep sacks for Alice when she was tiny. They were hard to find in stores. There's a pattern for one in the Anna Maria Horner book that is really cute.
    OK, I'm sure that's all the advice you can handle on the subject!

  4. yeah I'm with Melissa--hold off on diapers. Cloth diapers are a big decision. Ha ha!
    Honestly the things I liked the most were those simple Mason-Dixon cotton bibs and stuff for OLDER babies/toddlers. Like bigger hats and sweaters. It's like getting a present twice when you have to put away a larger sweater/hat/whatever only to pull it out next season.



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