Wednesday, February 02, 2011

today's the day and a giveaway

this is it, my friends. 1000 posts. woooooo, partay! break out the confetti and streamers.

when i started this humble blog in December 2004, I had no idea that I would still be rambling on 6 years later. i spent much of the first few years feeling like i was talking to myself, and now here i am, still talking mostly to myself and a few other loyal readers. thank you, loyal peeps. you've meant a lot to me.

and it's because of you that i've decided to do a giveaway. i spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what would be the right way to celebrate, and of course i can't decide.

so it comes down to a choice and a little work on your part. How would you like a special skein of handspun yarn, dyed and spun to your specifications? Or would you prefer a mini-quilt made from my scraps?

Here's how to enter...

1) Choose the yarn or the quilt.
undyed fiber
2A) for the yarn:
tell me what color(s) you'd want
tell me the thickness you'd prefer (lace, fingering, dk, worsted, etc)
tell me what you would make with it (socks, shawl, mittens, etc)
tell me if you're allergic to any fibers or have strong preferences

Ex: I love burgandy and gold and i'm a sock fiend. i'd love to make a pair of knee-high socks. i live in a warm climate so i don't wear alpaca.
2B) for the mini-quilt:
tell me what colors you like
give me some inspiration. post a link to a picture that you love. it doesn't have to be of a quilt, just something that really speaks to you and that you'd like to see interpreted in quilt form. you can be as vague or as specific as you'd like. if you do like a particular quilt style, feel free to let me know.

the quilt will be somewhere between 12 and 24 inches, rectangular or square. and i'll make it so that you can hang it if you'd like.

Ex: i love black and white. i'd like a string quilt with pops of bright pink.
Ex2: Picasso's blue period. discuss.

3) one entry per person, so you have to choose one option or the other.

I'll read through the comments and choose one winner from the entry that most inspires me. Comments will close in one week and I'll announce the winner on Friday, February 11. International readers are welcome to enter.

Bonus Giveaway: i'll draw a random comment and the winner gets a pattern of your choice from my pattern store. if the winner doesn't knit or crochet, i dunno--i'll send you some chocolate or something.

so get to posting those comments! i look forward to reading your entries.


  1. What a wonderful and generous giveaway! This is a hard choice though. I'd have to say I'd love a quilt. I live in NYC amongst a gaggle of men so I love anything pink and anything pertaining to NYC.

  2. Dude, it's hard to pick. Since I can quilt, I think I'm going to pick handspun. I'd love some sock yarn, something like you made for your Escalator Anklets. I think I'd like them to be either variegated shades of green or lime green and white striped.

    Thanks for sharing, Sara! Congrats on 1000 posts; I've enjoyed getting to know you, and I'm always amazed at your speed of crafting!

  3. Happy 1000 posts!

    I'd love a quilt. I'd love to see what you could do with my favorite painting, Starry Night. :)

  4. Congratulations on reaching such a giant milestone!

    I've got to go with yarn. Fingering weight is my favorite, whether I turn it into socks (most likely) or shawls; I'm usually drawn to cool colors, but it's been so cold, I want warm colors right now! I'm not a fan of angora or mohair.

  5. Wow, 1000 posts! congratulations!
    You know, I've never owned any handspun before! shocking! I would LOVE something dk weight, blues, turquoise and greys maybe? I would probably make a hat and/or mittens or a scarf. Alpaca is itchy to me so better stay away from that. Oh I hope I win! What a great prize! thanks!

  6. congrats on 1000! that is awesome!

    I tried quilting something small (the sachet bags in DSQ) one mental health day last year and had the worst time trying to cut fabric evenly, even with a rotary cutter and quilting rulers! I love modern, wonky, colorful quilts, and for the past couple of years have been on an orange-teal-lime green color combination kick, especially with combinations of fabric types (linen with quilting cotton, or other textured fabric). The wonky square-in-square you did is one of my favorites.

    I still really want to try and quilt something small this year and hopefully your recent quilting tips and tricks posts will help me with that! :)

  7. Great contest give-a-way - Most certainly I would love handspun - worsted because I would make a hat or scarf. Hmm, the color, how about blues and greys - one or the other would be just fine, and I am not picky on the fiber content.

  8. Oh goodness! Such a tough choice. but I think since I spin and I don't quilt, I will go with the quilt.

    Blue. I love blue. I also love Monet. My very favorite painting of his is Morning on the Seine, Mist,-Mist.html You look at it and it is just blue blobbyness. But then you really look at it and there is depth and so much more to it. But lots of blue.

  9. Congratulations on 1000 posts! I want some yarn! I love heather grey, and I would make a pair of socks for myself to wear around my chilly apartment :) I'm not picky on fiber - I love it all. But, I will live with a free pattern :)

  10. 1000 much work!!

    I would go with quilt and I am going for a theme of the 'Magic Faraway Tree' - so many fantasy characters to work with and a big tree! I just love Enid Blytons book and there is so much scope for exercising your creativity.

  11. I've enjoyed your wonderful varied (never get bored with your blog!!!) posts since the beginning - We sure share the love of fiber in great way - seem to follow in and out and around each other's path - you have inspired me so often. Thank you Sara!!!

  12. You were my first (and only) yarn swap buddy! Back when Ravelry first launched or maybe before that, who can remember-- 1000 posts is a long time.

    First of all, I never win anything. But if I did -- fingering-to-DK weight handspun and, yes, knee-high socks. I've been knitting for ten years and I just made my first pair and I am in LOVE. Winter in PA hasn't been nearly as bad as last year but all I can think is, my god, I have to stock up on these. There will be knee-high socks stashed in every drawer, every kitchen container, in coat pockets and stuffed between books in the bookshelf if I have my way. I will buy more boots to accent (with great restraint) only the top 1-2 inches of knitting... and maybe even invest in a pair of heels one size too big so that all those cushy cables have room to be shown off.

    And color... I'm thinking blue, bright sky blue, and twisted (or blended or flecked) with a heathery touch of golden yellow/orange. Something summery-warm to get me through the rest of winter.

  13. Happy Bloggoversary!!
    I already won the Sophie purse waaaaaay back when! So just a comment to wish you happy 6 years!

  14. wow, 1000 posts! And thanks for hosting a give-away. Me, I would love some yarn,please. The redder the better, worsted weight, something I can use for a cowl. That is, if I win . I've always admired your handspuns, specially the before and after photos. Not only that. You actually knit something with them. I also spin but my handspuns have remained just that, spun. So, I read your blog--- for inspiration!

  15. What a generous giveaway! I'd love to win your handspun yarn - I adore shades of orange/red/pink, and also chocolate brown... I would probably go for worsted weight and make a cowl or shawl!

  16. wow, what an amazingly generous giveaway! Happy thousandposts!

    Personally I really love handspun yarn. My favourite colours are rich, warm autumnal shades - deep reds, plums and golds. I love working with fine weights, sock or lace. It's pretty cold where I live so I am a big fan of all animal based fibres. I love heathered, tweedy, shetlandy yarn, and have never proclaimed anything to be scratchy. But am also mildly merinoholic. I have often dreamed of making a handspun shawl one day.

  17. Yarn!

    Raspberry for color.

    Fingering weight!

    I'd probably make socks. I love socks.

  18. Congrats on your 1000th post! I think it would be awesome to have skein of your handspun. I actually haven't knit with much handspun, even though I spin myself. I think it would be awesome to make a pair of handspun socks. The ultimate in squishy goodness! =) So.. fingering weight (which I know is a lot of work-you rock for even offering this!). No fiber preferences, but no yellow plz.


  19. I'd like to knit a scarf in a lace pattern, so 4 ply equivalent - fingering I expect. Lace is too thin for me. As for colour I like mid brown, possibly with with burgundy tint or fleck. Many thanks for writing an interesting blog.

  20. Congrats on your 1000th post. What a cool giveaway! I almost missed it! I knit and sew, so it's hard to choose the prize. I have a ton of yarn though, so I think I'll vote for a mini quilt. I keep yearning for a hexagon tree mini quilt, but I don't have a lot of time of make one. You read my blog, so you know that I love anything bright and modern.

  21. gratuliere! so glad you started this blog - it's been an eye-opener and an inspiration, and i've only been reading for a year and a half. i knew immediately what i would knit if i won some of your handspun: red delicious, so i guess you'd know what that involves. the next pair of socks on my needles are mine!

  22. Congratulations on your 1000th post! Lovely fiber you've got there!



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