Monday, February 21, 2011

third time's the charm

This is my third attempt at the Jenny skirt. The first two went badly due to excessive shortening and issues with attaching the lining at the back vent. Neither is wearable. I was determined to get it right this time.
Jenny from Burdastyle
Pattern: Jenny from burdastyle
Size: 38 at waist graded to 36 at hips
Fabric: Amy Butler Love bought at Sew Creative in Fairport
Started and Finished: Super Bowl weekend? I can't remember
Jenny from Burdastyle
my local quilt store had a big sale, so i splurged on a ton of fabric. i like quilting cotton for skirts because it's heavy enough that it doesn't need lining. i finally found a zipper that matches the fabric for once so i did a centered zipper. i added a back vent as per this tutorial. there are still a couple of issues. 1) the waistband is a bit loose. next time i should probably just cut the 36. 2) it's still a teensy bit too short. i had to do a narrow machine hem rather than a deeper blind hem, which i would prefer.
Jenny from Burdastyle
i made a blouse to go with this skirt but they look tremendously terrible together. i tried to do an Emma Pillsbury look, but it's too twee, even for me. this skirt definitely needs to be worn with a very structured shirt in order to look good. most of the blouses i tried on with the skirt looked awful. this is the only one that got a pass.

after so many attempts, i'm not even convinced that the high-waisted pencil skirt is for me. it's nice to switch things up now and then but i might have to leave the secretary look to others who can wear it better.


  1. It's a beautiful skirt. Very springy in the print too.
    I can't pull off a high waisted look like that. Baby pooch. ;-)
    Nice cat butt in that last picture!

  2. It looks nice on you! I love the fabric.

  3. Sara, I got the yarns! Thank you once again. They're wound into balls and I'm getting ready to design. I'll ley you know when I post pics on my blog. BTW, I love the skirt.

  4. This is super cute on you. I love it, and I think it's your best Jenny yet. Cat!

  5. Fantastic print! You are right, the blouse you chose coordinates perfectly in my opinion. I'm not familiar with this pattern, but may have to check it out!



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