Friday, February 11, 2011

some thoughts on shape, a question, and the winners

thanks to Inside Out Style and stash, knit, repeat's fit to flatter series, i've finally figured out what shape i am. oddly enough, i am a top-heavy/V shape. it totally makes sense to me that i haven't been able to figure that out for years, because i would read the part in the description about V-shapes generally having a large bust and just skip right over it onto the next description. but even without the bodacious rack, i'm still top-heavy because my shoulders are broader than the rest of me thanks to my narrow hips and undefined waist.

so what does all this mean? well, evidently it means that i've been dressing wrong for my shape for years. i wear many things that are supposed to be unflattering--puffy sleeves, boatnecks, straight skirts--pretty much any detail that draws attention to the wider top half and doesn't balance out the bottom isn't good for me. it's like a light went on in my head. i can look over old pictures and see it clearly now, though i could never figure it out before. unfortunately, i happen to like boatnecks and puffy sleeves, etc. i'm still deciding whether or not i actually care if i'm not dressing in the most optimally flattering way. i am trying to take my shape into consideration when i make new clothes. i think it can be a mistake when people rigidly follow rules but perhaps incorporating general guidelines can be helpful. you'll have to let me know if i look like i'm dressing better from this point forward or whether it's all in my head. or not. i'm still internally debating whether or not i should participate in me-made-march. there were things that i liked and things that i didn't about self-stitched-september (the daily photos--ugh), but it would be a good chance to get more practice attempting to dress like an adult and not wear jeans every day. as she looks down and realizes that she's wearing jeans, then hangs her head in shame

Now for the question: Is anyone interested in participating in a wonky quilt bee starting in March? wonky strings, wonky houses, wonky log cabins, wonky stars...anything counts as long as it's wonky. i'm in a couple of bees now where you use your own scraps, but i'd like this bee to be the kind where one person mails out their fabric to the other participants at the beginning of the month. I know it's more costly postage-wise, but it has advantages too--you'll be more secure knowing that your blocks will match, you can use what fabric you like (seeing "quality quilt fabrics only" seems kind of snooty to me), you get to work with fabrics you wouldn't normally choose, and sometimes eliminating fabric choice can make you more creative in the actual block-making. i'm thinking of 6 members each sending 2 blocks a month. blocks will be up to 12.5" size. let me know if you're interested via a comment or email. i'll probably post a general notice on flickr but i wanted to ask here first.

Finally, on to what we've all been waiting for...the winner of my giveaway! it was a really tough decision--i had a lot of fun reading through all the possibilities. ultimately i decided that i've been away from handspun for too long and it's time to get back into it.

wow, 1000 posts! And thanks for hosting a give-away. Me, I would love some yarn,please. The redder the better, worsted weight, something I can use for a cowl. That is, if I win . I've always admired your handspuns, specially the before and after photos. Not only that. You actually knit something with them. I also spin but my handspuns have remained just that, spun. So, I read your blog--- for inspiration!

Vicki, i love red too and I happen to have the perfect red cowl-worthy fiber in my stash waiting to be spun up just for you. i can't wait to get started on it this weekend! Check your email.

The random drawing winner for the pattern of choice from my store is...#11--Lacey! Lacey, I've sent you an email as well. Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and putting up with my rambling. it really means a lot to me.


  1. Aww, man! Too bad for me, but yay for Vicky! I like the idea of a wonky bee, but I'm not sure if I can add in another commitment at the moment. When were you planning on starting, March? Let me know, and I'll try to see if I can manage. Sounds fun!

  2. I hear you. I was surprised to find I've been dressing the wrong way for years and though resistant to the advice, I've slowly come around to feeling most confident when looking in the mirror and feeling balanced. But there are some thing I will not give up! And I hate the daily photos, too, but I love the challenge of Me-Made-March, so I may just post a success/fail each week instead. It's a personal challenge, I figure we can do with it what we wish :)

  3. No wonky bee for me - I'm VERY SADLY (going through the stages of grief) not knitting or quilting - I reinjured my elbow/hands from a botched PT session followed by sneak rotary cutting and have stopped everything that hurts. I've not been patient enough to let it heal - this is not easy for me!
    SO - I'll be watching on the sidelines...

    PS - I just wear jeans so I don't have to figure all that stuff out! I've never dressed like a grown up :)

  4. I started reading that blog recently too. Maybe we both saw the same Greenapples post about it? It's funny, I think when I read the description on there of the V shape, your pictures immediately came to mind. I'm a cut-and-dry hourglass (Figure 8), so I like to read about different shapes because mine is so boring! I hope that doesn't sound weird or creepy!
    I might be interested in the wonky block swap if you still have room, and pushing it back to April would be perfect. How many blocks total would each person be making?



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