Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so, about that fiber club...

at the end of last year i decided to participate in my own fiber club. i was going to buy one new thing each month and spin it up. well, i added another wrinkle to the plan because i'm aiming for decreasing my fiber stash overall. i decided that i need to spin a skein of yarn from my stash before i purchase new fiber.

so in january i diligently got out a braid from my stash and spun the singles. then when i sat down to ply, it all went to hell.
See Jayne Knit handspun
Fiber: SeeJayneKnit BFL
124yds/110g aran weight
6ply (2 singles chain-plied together)
spun longdraw from the fold, soaked and thwacked to finish

the takeup on my wheel was non-existent. it didn't matter how much i adjusted, the yarn would just twist and twist and wouldn't draw onto the wheel. it was a nightmare, especially with trying the 6ply for the first time. i finally ended the mess that i was attempting halfway through and let it sit for several weeks. finally last weekend, i removed the spring on the brake band and replaced it with a hair elastic. poof--problem solved. my wheel works beautifully again. the second skein went much better but i ended up with some fairly craptastic yarn thanks to all the problems i had. one day i'll have to try the 6ply again.
Allspunup spinalong
and here's my reward for all of my troubles. i know that this isn't a vendor that is new to me but i've been really pleased with all of the fiber i've gotten from allspunup. when i saw that she was doing one of my favorite blends, alpaca/merino/silk for her spinalong, i couldn't resist.
Allspunup spinalong
and i'm very glad i didn't. this is one of my favorite color combos. i finished spinning the yarn last night--i just need to finish it.


  1. I had the same problem with uptake when plying some time ago. I still don't know why it would not work. I put on a new driving band, and waited for a few days, because I was pissed, and it worked next time I plied.
    Your new batt looks wonderful!

  2. Lovely fiber! those colors are amazing!
    BTW, thank you for the Flickr tip! That's exactly what I needed! AND! amazingly I finally got my comments set to email notification so I can reply back to people. Duh! who knows why I didn't try to figure that out sooner. LOL!



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