Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the skirt that i forgot about

so in posting the jenny skirt yesterday, i realized that i had completely forgotten to blog another skirt i made recently.
McCalls 5591
Pattern: McCalls 5591, View A with no contrast band
Size: 12
Fabric: Timeless Treasures quilting cotton, Poppies, i think?
Started and Finished: right before i did the jenny skirt. super bowl weekend i think.
McCalls 5591
one day i will get the tweaking just right. i've made this skirt before. the last time i did it, i didn't like how high the waist sat, so this time i sewed 3/8" side seams at the waist and graded to 5/8" around the pocket area. i think i liked it better before. it hits me at the right place at the hem, but it sits too low at the waist and it looks weird. also the pockets are too low to be comfortable. what i really needed to do was keep the waist where it was and add length to the hem. i swear i will get it right next time.

i will be making this skirt again because it's a great basic and i got some zebra fabric just waiting to be cut out. i want to do View B. the pleats are a little different and it has side seam pockets. hopefully third time's the charm will work for this skirt too.


  1. Very cute! I think I like this one just a tiny bit more than the last Jenny you posted. I think this fabric looks more wearable year-round.

  2. I like the fabric! I'm not sure about all those pleats myself. I'm not a big pleated skirt person myself ever since I wore one and was called "Velma" by someone. Lovely.

    Do you have any tips for wearing cotton skirts with nylons? Everytime I do -- even w/a slip -- the cotton sticks to my nylons and rides up. (So I only wear them in summer sans nylons!)

  3. I have find nothing wrong with that skirt, I think fashion doesn't have any seance and If you will find any thing matching as top....some thing like cotton whit or black top or any thing suitable, You will be looking great with the same.




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