Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the ruffles keep on coming

so i might be slightly addicted to ruffles.
Coffee Date Dress from Selfish Seamstress
Pattern: Coffee Date Dress from burdastyle
Size: 36 at bodice, 38 at waist
Fabric: Thrifted floral cotton curtain and navy handkerchief linen
Started: February 2, Finished: February 4
Coffee Date Dress from Selfish Seamstress
This was one instance where i actually should not have graded up a size at the waist. it's a little too large there. i'm also not crazy about the fit of the armhole. it feels tight but it's also kind of a strange shape--quite deep and open, almost tending towards racerback-y.

i made quite a few changes to the pattern. i cut my front and back on the fold and installed a handpicked lapped side zip. i find them easier to get on and off, especially in a sleeveless dress. i did a combination of lining and interlining. the curtain came lined with a white batiste-like fabric, so i just cut the curtain as one layer for the bodice. i used a double layer of handkerchief linen for the skirt. i would have liked to have used a different lighter-weight fabric for the lining but i didn't have anything appropriate on hand. i shortened the skirt by 2 inches and hemmed the outer skirt by hand. basically i didn't look at the directions at all but did my own thing.

i also wish that i had added a contrasting waistband, like many others have done. i don't like the stark transition from bodice to skirt, but it's easy enough to tie on a scarf belt.

what i did absolutely love about this pattern was sewing the ruffle. it was like a piecing a puzzle together. i like it so much that i'm sure i'll reuse the ruffle on a blouse, perhaps another simplicity 2599.

i like this dress, but i don't love it. it was easy to put together, even with a lining, and i'm sure i'll wear it once the weather warms up.


  1. Ha ha!!! This was the dress I was scouting on Burda!!!! I think this will be one of the inaugural sewing machine projects!
    Thanks for the tips on the sizing and whatnot. I think we're similar body types...except I'm a bit more hippy, and not in a dirty weed smoking Grateful Dead kind of way. ;-)

  2. Oh I love that front ruffle. I remember seeing this dress some time ago. It really is a neat pattern. Thanks for reminding me of it. I may have to make this one too. I can see that ruffle transferring well to a top!



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