Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mod mosaic 4-5

i've now completed my 5 blocks for the mod mosaic scrap bee. if i decide to make any more, i'm going to keep them for my own quilt.
Mod Mosaic Scrap Bee 5
Mod Mosaic Scrap Bee 5
people have made 15, 20, even 30 of these blocks. i have no clue how they can churn them out at that pace. it takes me an entire evening just to do one. i've also seen a lot of chat about people running out of scraps and having to cut into yardage. this is also a mystery to me. i know i've only made 5 but i haven't made a dent in my scrap bags. and i haven't even been quilting all that long.

i don't know if this is because i have a hoarding problem and tend to keep even very tiny scraps or what. i've actually forced myself to throw out some of the leftovers that result from squaring up these blocks. it's been painful and my brain says things like, "but you could use that .25 x .5 inch piece for a ticker tape quilt." yes, but am i going to use it for that? not anytime soon. also, the 5 blocks have been made entirely from the 4" and less little scrap bags. i haven't used the fat eighths and smaller but still cutable scraps that are folded and reside in a drawer.

and don't get me started on how much blue scrap fabric i have. i have 2 blue bags--a light blue and a dark blue bag, and the light blue is so full that it won't close. note to self: stop buying blue fabric. well, except for these 2, because you already bought them, and they're awesome.

it has been fun to revisit some of my favorite fabrics and i have an idea percolating in the back of my mind on how to use them in a quilt. it can be fun to come up with different color combinations and i'm sure there are a few more to be found. but i think i'm ready to set aside this project for awhile and work on something else.


  1. I really like all of the blocks you made for this bee. I'm wondering if people had to cut into yardage for the blocks because of color combinations they wanted to try, but were lacking scraps in those colors.

  2. i think there might be other people out there that hoard a lot more than you - take this lady for instance (she writes in german but it's the pictures that are important).

    she even asks people to send here these strips of fabric!



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