Friday, February 04, 2011

linky loo friday

thank you so much for all of your comments! i get so inspired by all of you that i am humbled and grateful that you stop by my corner of the interwebs. i'm already getting excited reading through all of your entries--there's so much creative potential that i know it's going to be difficult to choose. now onto this week's links!

i printed out this recipe for homemade thin mints. i could eat an entire box of thin mints by myself so i will definitely be trying these. and i don't even like mint.

this quilt block has been showing up a lot on flickr. i love the use of negative space.

this quilt pattern is awesome (and free!). i wouldn't normally choose this line of fabric, but looking at it all together in this quilt makes me want to get some.

i adore this hat! what a great use of hand-dyed yarn.

i like this zipper tutorial for pillows, especially the ruffled flap. i might have to try this one.

ok, lots to do today so i'd better sign off. check back next week for not 1, but 2 new dresses and some quilt blocks.

Psst...Edit: something might look familiar on the knittyblog today. should i tell spicy he's famous?


  1. 2 dresses, huh? Awesome. You're so much faster than me! I feel like I have no crafting time lately. Tell Spicy that he shouldn't let the fame go to his head. ;)

  2. Ha ha! And the best part is I don't think I had ever seen a picture of Spicy's head up until that photoshoot!

  3. I always "open link in new tab" with your links and then go and check them out one by one - but I had to go straight to the Knitty Blog - woohoo - can I have an autograph?

  4. I love that Geese in the Park pattern too! I bookmarked it when it came out.



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