Monday, February 07, 2011

let that be a lesson to me

I am so ready for spring. i've been busy making spring clothes even though the snow keeps on coming because i just can't take winter anymore.

today's dress is a lesson on why I should always look up the entries on patternreview before cutting out a pattern. i used to love shirtdresses as a kid. my mom made me several and i wore them all the time. i've gotten away from it in my adult years, but i still love how versatile the shirtdress is.
Simplicity 2403
Pattern: Simplicity 2403
Size: 8 at bodice, graded to 10 at waist
Fabric: 2yds textured stripe shirting cotton from joanns
Started: January 28, Finished: January 31
Simplicity 2403
First, the good. i adore this pattern. it has many options for the bodice. I chose the mandarin collar, ruffled placket, elasticized sleeves, and tie belt. i shortened the skirt by a couple of inches. i used elastic thread and shirred the sleeves instead of doing an elastic casing. i have a single ruffle with 2 layers stitched right sides together and turned out and pressed instead of the double ruffle with 2 single hemmed layers. i omitted the skirt slit. i didn't need it for walking.

i was barely able to squeeze everything out of the 2 yards i had. forget matching up the stripes. but since it was a textured rather than a colored stripe, i don't think the mismatching shows too much.
Simplicity 2403
i've seen several really cute versions of this dress in blogland lately, which is why i wanted to try it. however, i really should have read more thoroughly other people's experiences with the pattern. several people said that the waist was tight. i'm no exception. even with grading up to a larger size at the waist, it is mega-tight. like i can barely breathe tight. so, although i think this dress is absolutely adorable, i don't know that i'll be wearing it much. i've already altered the pattern for future use because i will definitely be making it again someday.

there are a lot of pieces and steps to follow but the construction is pretty straightforward. it's a time-consuming dress to make but really cute. i'd like another version in a small floral print, subbing in a pleated fuller skirt for more of a traditional shirtdress look. but i really like the straight skirt with pockets as well. i might have to make 2 more.


  1. aw, I love the style of this! it looks so cute, so I'm sorry to read it fits so tightly. How difficult was the ruffle at the buttonband to do tidily?

  2. The color is beautiful!

  3. I'm sorry it's too tight, because it really looks lovely on you. The color is nice, and the dress style is just perfect. I can't wait to make this one, and I appreciate the heads up on sizing!

  4. Oh, it looks so lovely. Do you NEED to breath?!?!?!

  5. Ha ha! I'm with you! I've been scouting dresses on Burda. WTF? There's snow on the ground. But we've got a day-before-spring-fake-wedding to go to in March...

    Love that dress! I love that you can pull off ruffles!



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