Monday, February 14, 2011

late but happily received

I finished Spicy's birthday pillow! only 4 months late.
Spicy's Birthday Pillow
I used this block from film in the fridge with various stash fabrics and natural linen for the sashing. i made my own pillow form (i knew that those giant bags of stuffing would eventually come in handy) and the pillow is approximately 18" square. the pillow was constructed following this oh, fransson pattern.
Spicy's Birthday Pillow
Spicy's birthday was in early November. why did it take so long? well i got sidetracked. a lot. it took me forever to (sloppily) quilt the back, and then i quilted the front using the serpentine stitch because i wanted to practice before using it on the plus quilt. yes it was that long ago. i've managed to complete 2 quilts and a couple of other pillows since i started this one.

finishing it up still took months. and all because i didn't feel like putting in the zipper, which turned out to be ridiculously easy. *shrug* i've actually concluded that i don't really like having a quilted back, so next time i'd keep the zipper but skip the extra layers and the quilting on the back.

i finished the pillow and Spicy asked me if it was his, and i told him it was but that i needed to wash it first. he was disappointed. but he had waited this long--he could wait a few days more. this pillow actually did shrink significantly in the wash. it was too big for the form before but it's pretty close to just right now. please don't ask me why the sizing was off when i made the form myself. it had to do with being tired.

now my boyfriend finally has a finished pillow to cushion his head when he's lying on the couch. mission accomplished. overdue, but accomplished.

Blogger's Pillow Party

oh yeah, due to some unforeseen (happy) circumstances, i need to push back the wonky quilt bee to April. so it should work out better for me and the other people who seemed interested. i'll bring it up again when it gets closer to that timeframe.


  1. I love the pillow. Better late than never. I'm glad to hear we can push back the bee to April. That works for me!

  2. Oh I love how this pillow looks. Totally worth the wait!

  3. What a cute pillow! That pebble quilting takes forever, but looks adorable!

  4. Love the pillow. Great fabric combination and I love the circle stitching on the back.

  5. Very cool! Was that bubble/pebble quilting hard? It kind of looks like a PITA. Worth it, but a PITA!



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