Tuesday, February 01, 2011

i sew my own clothes so i can look like i shop at the Gap in 1992

more crappy modeled shots, but this time with bonus kitty!
Selfish Seamstress Minimalist Cowl
Pattern: Minimalist Cowl by the Selfish Seamstress
Size: burda XS/S (the only size it came in)
Fabric: Purple wool jersey and black poly sweater knit from fabric mart
Started and Finished: ? sometime in december

I used the sleeve that i had modified from simplicity 3678 and changed the armhole to match. i made the purple version first. i used clear elastic in the shoulder seams for the first time. i left all the hems unfinished due to laziness. then i made a black one exactly like the purple one (see below). i like the looks of the wool heathered purple one better but it's a little bit itchy so i wear the black one more. i don't like turtlenecks due to the strangly neck issue but a slightly wider cowl neck works just as well. this is a great basic--i would make it again. it's very easy to sew. i can't recall but knowing me i probably added length to the body.

Edit: I added a picture of the purple one being worn.
Minimalist Cowl and Simplicity 2700
Pattern: Simplicity 2700
Size: 10 Curvy, heavily modified
Fabric: light beige stretch twill from fabric.com
Started and Finished: January 12 to 20-ish
Minimalist Cowl and Simplicity 2700
after all the fiddling and adjusting of the pattern, i'm guessing i would have been better off starting with the size 10 regular. i had to take some fullness out of the seat and there's still a little bit too much fabric in the front. i added a tiny bit of width at the back waist and it finally fits properly! i didn't overdo it this time. though it does sit a little bit higher than i'd like.

i did not do the tab overlap at the waist because i'm not a bit fan of that style. mine closes with a hook right at the waist. i also added rounded patch pocket and flap from Sew U.
Minimalist Cowl and Simplicity 2700
i love the front pockets and the wide legs. these pants are very comfortable to wear, if a little unstylish. i will be making them again and next time i think i will narrow the waistband just a little bit to bring them underneath the navel and perhaps i might fiddle with the legs to make the bootcut more pronounced. i'm very happy with this pair and the next ones can only get better. yay pants!


  1. Hello, bonus kitty! Dude, your pants look great. Your blog title cracks me up, but really, the pants turned out nicely.

  2. Very cute outfit! Making pants is so impressive! They look really great on you!

  3. Yay pants indeed! They really look great. Thank you for all your posts on quilting tips too. I plan to reference them when I get to finishing up my two quilts this year!



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