Monday, February 28, 2011

birds on a clutch

Gathered Clutch from Noodlehead
I've been wanting to sew the Gathered Clutch from Noodlehead for ages. i had a terrible time picking out fabric to use. I get kind of hoardy about my favorite stash fabrics. i put together several combinations but i felt like using the fabric would be wrong somehow. finally i just sucked it up and did it. this bag doesn't take a lot of fabric so there are plenty of leftovers of course.

i skipped the divider but otherwise followed directions. i also used a heavier interfacing for the credit card holder. the instructions were pretty good. it's an easy bag to put together.

i used a timeless treasures fabric that i got recently at my local quilt store and 2 tufted tweets fabrics. i really like how the yellow birds tie them all together. if i were to do this again (and i might someday) i would make it bigger, add an additional row of credit card holders, probably add a pocket to the other side, and i'd make the gathered panel slightly bigger than the finished size. my gathers shrunk the piece in height and i had to do rounded corners in order to catch the front fabric all the way around. i would probably also add a strap for ease of carrying.

i still have a hard time on the horizon sewing zippers with thick layers. this clutch wasn't too bad but it definitely could have been better.

i love this bag--it's adorable, but i probably won't carry it much. it's not super practical for me. i wouldn't hesitate to make another as a gift.


  1. I love the print combination you settled on for this!

  2. Wow I LOVE the yellow zipper in this! Looks fantastic!



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